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What to Expect at Our Show.

If you are new to burlesque or just checking us out for the first time, here's what to expect.

Every burlesque show is different, but we all believe deeply in consent and respect. It is never ok to reach out and touch, grope or act inappropriately with our performers and or crew. We reserve the right to remove anyone displaying crude, violent or overall dangerous behavior at our shows.

You'll be greeted by the door person and welcome to sit wherever (unless labeled otherwise). Grab a drink and a snack if available, the host will start the show and go over the rules and introduce the performers before each performance.

In between performances our stage pup will go around and collect tips.

(Please do not throw tips at the performers) If you do not have cash on hand, there will be QR codes available at each table to tip via venmo.

There will never be full on nudity at our shows, burlesque acts go down to pasties which cover our nipples. Performers may choose to interact with the audience, but we will never touch our guests inappropriately.

In one show you will see burlesque, belly dancing, pole and or aerial arts and live singing burlesque performances. Your energy in the audience is so important to the show! We welcome applause, cheering and encouragement. Truth be told it is very awkward to perform in front of a completely silent crowd.

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