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What to Expect at a Sky Dancer show

The Sky Dancers are all about consent!

If you are new to the Burlesque world welcome! To get a better understanding of what burlesque is read "A history of Burlesque" on the homepage, and then come back to this page!

For those of you who are familiar with burlesque shows in whatever context, we thank you for checking us out and we want to talk about what to expect at our shows specifically so that everyone has a wonderful time.

We recognize that each show and each troupe operates differently, so please don't go into any show as a guest with assumptions. For the Sky Dancers, consent and respect is of the utmost importance. We will not perform at any venue where we are not respected and don't feel safe. As a troupe we aim to encourage body positivity and sisterhood through the arts. We uplift, encourage, grow.

What do we mean by consent?

At the top of the show, the host will go over the following rules:

-Do not touch the performers ever, unless it has been arranged before hand as part of an act and has been agreed to by all parties involved.

- Do not feel entitled to reach out and grope, fondle, squeeze etc ever!

- There is no photos or videos allowed during the show.

- We encourage authentic and enthusiastic cheers and claps during performances. Your supportive energy as an audience is appreciated!

Just the tip- yes please!

- We welcome tips for sure, but please do not throw money at us or on the ground, there will be a designated person to come around and collect tips at the end of each performance. Cash is encouraged, however there will be QR codes available as well for tipping performers.

What kind of performances will I see?

We are a Burlesque and Variety troupe which means in one show you will see:

-Classic Burlesque

-Belly Dancing

-Aerial and or Pole dancing

And in some shows we have comedic skits, all of our shows are themed.

Is there nudity?

While nudity can be subjective, the short answer is NO. Some performers choose to go topless if they are comfortable doing so. But we remain in pasties which covers the nipples. At our shows there are often outfits that are suggestive and sexy but there will not be full on nudity at our shows.

What should I wear?

While we typically encourage our guests to dress for the theme (depending on the theme) It is not a requirement. Dress up, dress down, what's most important is that you feel good!

In conclusion, we want you to respect the performers, have fun, feel inspired and of course come back!

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