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"Instead of begging for a seat at the table, build your own."


Indigo Sky Productions is a grassroots, Afro-Indigenous, Woman owned production company which aims to highlight women of color and multi-cultural voices through events, performance arts, film and media. ISP was founded by Jade Evans who was frustrated with waiting for a seat at the table and the gross under representation and misrepresentation of women of color in rural areas.

Jade has a background in theater and performing arts dating back to early childhood. Originally from NYC, she moved to Washington several years ago looking for a fresh start. She joined local theaters in a few neighboring counties and after playing a handful of harmful stereotypical roles, and overtly racist experiences in local theater; she removed herself from the scene which is predominantly white.


Frustrated with waiting for a seat at the table, she decided to build her own. "I found that every opportunity people approached me with in the arts community was calling for me to portray a Black stereotype for white consumption. I quickly realized that I would have to create the roles I wanted for myself and roles I want to see other women of color in, so my focus pivoted. I "built my own table" so to speak, and I decide who sits at it now."

ISP aspires to be a platform that highlights all women, especially those who are marginalized.

Indigo Sky Productions is also home to the Sky Dancers, a Neo-Burlesque and variety troupe who celebrates the liberation of the female form.

Jade is also a writer and editor for Strait Up Magazine a local publication.

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